Challenge: How might we making a FIT that is weatherproof.
Five Intersecting Tetrahedra, a.k.a the compound of five tetrahedra is one of the five regular polyhedral compounds. This compound polyhedron is also a stellation of the regular icosahedron. It was first described by Edmund Hess in 1876. 
The origami version designed by Thomas Hull. While it's cheap and fairly easy to make origami, the durability of paper makes the work impossible to be displayed outdoors. Based on the origami design, I made a laser cut version using 1/8 plywood, latex paint and spray varnish to show off the beauty of the object at my front door : )
Traditional five color Version
Three color Halloween theme
Mixed color
Of course, before I hopped onto the laser, I made a few origami piece, to make sure that I can understand the assembly process and success with rigid wooden parts as well.
3D design - laser cut, and Iterations of vertex joint.

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